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Quick Guide: How to Join a Dogecoin Pool

Joining a Dogecoin Pool

I pulled this information out of the CPU mining guide so that it can be more easily accessible.

There are two types of ways to get coins through mining with Dogecoin.  You can either “solo mine”, which means you will mine by yourself.  This is considered “Herd Dig” by the program. Or you can use a pool, which means you mine in coordination with other people.  The second choice is usually the best, and the benefits usually trump trying to mine dogecoin solo.  If you go by yourself, you will get a big payout if you discover a block, but the odds of finding one keep getting harder and harder.  With several people, the payout is split, but there are much better chances that you will find a block. Mining without a pool is kind of a waste of time, so you are much better off joining a pool.

Here is a list of pools, for this example I am using  But ideally not everyone should use the same pool. So pick any of those from the list.

Security tip for the shibes: I’d advise using passwords you never use for anything else for pools and for workers.  Don’t use the same password for a worker than you use for the pool login.

So go over to the pool website and make an account really quick.  Most all pool websites look the same.

After you create the account, the next thing you will want to do on the site, would be to create your worker.

1. Go to Worker in the Sidebar of the Pool Website:

2. Put in a worker username and password, and add the worker.

3. Go to the “Getting Started” Page in the right sidebar of the pool.  You should see something like this.

We will use this information to configure your mining program.

As “anaon” has posted in the comments below,

Username: Weblogin.Worker means that you would use TheUserNameForthePool.Workername for the username of your configuration.

See the details in the CPU or GPU mining guides for what to do next.

Quick Guide: Getting Coins Into Your Wallet from Mining

Getting the Coins into Your Wallet

So you started mining, where are your coins?  Until you cash out of the pool, the pool has ownership of your coins.  You will want to set an auto payment to your wallet address to make sure your claiming ownership of the coins you mined.

The program you used for mining can also be used as a wallet to take ownership of your coins.

1. Go to the third tab in your dogecoin client, this shows your public addresses that you can give to other people to pay you:

2. Right click on your Public Address and select Copy:

3. Go back to your mining pool website, and select “Edit Account”:

4. Fill in your Payment address by pasting it in, and setting the threshold.  Put in your pin you set when creating your account, and click update:

You should be good to go.  When you have enough coins mined, they will be sent to your wallet.  Now you should make sure to back up your wallet in case your computer crashes!