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Dogecoin Client 1.6 Released

Hey guys, a new version of the Dogecoin client is out, is it important that you update as soon as you can. You can find more information on updating here.

Here is a quick rundown on what is changing:

Now, onto the juicy part; what did we change?

Firstly, for those of you not already aware -- Dogecoin has been gamed by Multipools. Multipools were cherry-picking large blocks (which were found to be provably pre-calculable), and hammering our networks hashrate -- making mining for the solo doges incredibly difficult, while dampening their payouts massively. The end result was Multipool’s having twice as much doge as the average consumer; allowing them to dump our prices down with ease.

This ends with v1.6.

Changes implemented;

1) No longer a random block reward -- we now only have static blocks. The current reward will be 250,000 Doge per block, with the halvening dropping us to 125,000 Doge per block, etc etc. This will prevent block cherry-picking; as we’re seeing at the moment, with our community pools only seeing 100-200k blocks, while the multi’s gaming the system are enjoying 300-500k blocks. From the 1.6 update, all blocks will be completely even.

2) The DigiShield difficulty algorithm: again, developed and contributed by the very clever folks at /r/DigiByte[8] , this allows for rapid block retarget times, and rapid recovery from multipools suddenly hitting the network; meaning that our miners will no longer suffer from extremely long block times if a Multipool does decide to jump on board. This new algorithm will retarget our block times MUCH faster -- ensuring the hard-mining shibe is not left holding the bag after the multipool ransack.

These improvements are very helpful to those of us that just mine dogecoin, as it makes people unable to change to mining dogecoin if there are blocks with more coins.

You can find more information about the specific changes here.

Dogecoin Client 1.5.1 Released

Dogecoin Client 1.5.1 has been released, here is the info from the official post on reddit.  They recommend backing up your wallet before trying to upgrade, just in case:


Windows Installer
Windows Archive
Mac OS X App

Release highlights:
- Switched to Boost 1.55 to fix network connectivity issues on Windows
- Removal of reliance on IRC for discovering nodes
- Support for URL protocol, eg. dogecoin:addr?amount=xxx&(see Bitcoin’s implementation)
- Ability to automatically look up transactions on Dogechain from your client
- Working Windows setup script and installer
- Opt-in debug logging via -debuglog (to save disk space and stop constant writing)
- Fixed Mac Splashscreen’s greedy desktop behavior
- Reimplemented testnet, fixing RPC crash due to no genesis block being present
- Allow user to load any wallet from data directory specified using -wallet=mywallet.dat
- Updated to LevelDB 1.15 to address blockchain database corruption issues
- Allow user to send change only to specified address(es) using -change= (one -change parameter per address)
- Fixed RPC difficulty look up

Go here for the official post and for help with troubleshooting.

Dogecoin Client 1.5 Released

Hi all, a new version of the dogecoin client has been released, be sure to update.

Copied from the Reddit post:


  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Source on Github


  • Updated code base to Litecoin (inherits all Litecoin updates since 0.6.*). Highlights include:
    • New database engine for block storage resulting in faster index/sync times
    • Implements txindex, reindex and walletnotify
    • Coin control options for advanced users
    • Overall increased stability
    • A range of security fixes
  • Graphical tweaks, including splash screen
  • New official DNS seed added ( for improved sync times
  • Updated PROTOCOL_VERSION for better node detection
  • New alert keys to allow for network-wide alert notification in future

You can find the complete post and trouble shooting information here.