How to Restore Your Dogecoin Wallet

Restoring your dogecoin wallet is pretty easy if you have backed it up, you simply need to do the following:

1) Stop your Dogecoin Client, if it is running.

2) Navigate to the Dogecoin data directory.

A quick way to do this is to type this in: %AppData%/DogeCoin.

Pressing Enter here will take me to my Dogecoin Data Directory.

This is not the same as the installation directory.

This should work on Windows 7 and maybe XP.  If not, You need to navigate to one of these:

  • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\DogeCoin (Windows 7 Default)
  • c:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Dogecoin (Windows XP Default)

It will look like this:


3) This wallet.dat file is whatever your client is currently using, so if it has Dogecoins on it, be sure to make a backup of this wallet.

4) With the default wallet.dat file in the directory backed up, rename it to something like default_wallet.dat, just in case for some reason you need to restore it.

5) Copy your backup wallet into the directory.  Make sure it is named “wallet.dat”

6) Start up your Dogecoin client.  If it is still loading blocks, give it time to load before it will show your balance.

If your blocks are all up then you should be good to go.

19 thoughts on “How to Restore Your Dogecoin Wallet

  1. newbie_steve

    Can I merge two wallet.dat files?
    When i first started about a week agoI used a PC that wasn’t connected to create new addresses to receive coin from a USB copy of the qt v150. When i used this USB at home it didnt recognise the addresses or new balance.

    1. poor shibe Post author

      Yes, but it might be easier to just send the balance on one wallet to a public address on the other wallet. Otherwise you have to do command line stuff.

  2. newbie_steve

    Ok. I have the wallet.dat file from the USB created addresses I want to retrieve. Do I simply swap wallet.dat over in C on my home PC, reopen qt, update blocks and send to my wallet address, close the wallet and replace the wallet.dat file reopen qt?

  3. MoneyHoney

    I saved my dat file as you suggested. When I test and open the file it shows up as a movie file in Nero? I put in to search %AppData%/DogeCoin the dat file is not there? Can you please advise? I saved the dat file on USB and my local drive. Thank you.

    1. poor shibe Post author

      Hi, I think for your computer, you have defaulted .dat files to open with Nero. But you don’t open it in this way. The way you test it is to relaunch the dogecoin-qt program after you have placed the wallet in that directory. It will read this file called wallet.dat and use it.

      1. MoneyHoney

        Ah hah moment. I did have Nero as a default to open most programs. By golly I think my brain is getting it. —-> must have the qt wallet on the new computer, extract the .dat file to qt…BAM the file is there? I have been wracking my brain about this for a week.

        Thank you for the feedback mi dear.

  4. newbie_steve

    MoneyHoney. I was confused as well about the Nero movie file. They should mention this somewhere for the beginners at
    Poor shibes advice is great. reddit confuses the hell out of me when trying to find help.
    All the best, and thanks poor shibe.

  5. dave

    why dont they just have a damn button “restore wallet” ???????? freaking hell. I should not have to burrow through all these strange files just to restore a damn wallet.

  6. skippysteve

    I noticed that peercoin have a minting process. I tried the commands i got off a forum and it didnt work. But aside from that, why is doge different? PoS vs PoW? could you explain the difference? Im interested and was willing to try peercoin but im finding a little harder to understand than dogecoin. I guess Dave in the above post is a little frustrated but i was exactly the same at first but ive picked up a lot over the last couple of months. Are other digital currencies basically the same as Dogecoin? What does Daemon mean?

  7. Pete


    Probably in /Users/*YourUserName*/Library/Application Support/

    In OSX the user Library directory is normally hidden. Follow the show hidden files instructions to reveal it in the Finder.

    Open the terminal and enter

    For OS X Mavericks 10.9 there is a very slight difference in casing:

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    For Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard the setting remains the following:

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

    Hit Return, nothing happens yet because you must relaunch the Finder for the changes to take effect. This is done by ‘killing’ the Finder process, which is also done through the command line with the following string:

    killall Finder

  8. Chattua

    hello there…i really need your help…i had all the system to mine dogecoins in my pc but unfortunately i hadt to factory restore my computer…is there any chance to get back all my coins? i have saved just the dogecoin-qt file and some .bat files… :(
    Thanx in advance !!!!!!!!!

  9. Tyrone

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