Keep an Eye on the Best Video Cards in Stock

Want to know when a good video card for mining is in stock? Not sure which cards are best given the current prices? Look no further! If you go over to this page you can see a list of all of the video cards and their effectiveness for mining.  Simply sort by kH/s per Dollar (The default) and it will tell you the most cost effective cards for mining.  It pulls in prices from Amazon, Newegg and MWave automatically every 5 minutes.

You can also use this to search for your card or model and see if it is in stock, simply by typing it in.  It also gives you some CGMiner configurations for cards, which you should be able to copy and paste into your config.

The search tool is quite powerful and also allows you to search by things like vendor (Type in Amazon if you only want amazon), and so on!

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