A list of dogecoin pools can be found below:

Source: Reddit/r/dogecoin

Please report any know scammers or inactive pools.

17 thoughts on “Pools

    1. poor shibe Post author

      No, scrypt coins required that you have significant inline memory to run it. ASIC miners are all CPU. This is why GPU are preferred for scrypt.

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  3. mike

    I am using cudaminer for the first time mining ever and am wondering… Is there a proper way to pause the mining, do I just ctrl-c to exit, then reconnect? Could closing it ruin any progress I may have already done?

    I guess I should probably read more lol, any info regarding pausing that people care to share, please do!

    1. poor shibe Post author

      Usually I just close it and reopen. You can affect your mining by starting and restopping all the time but I wouldn’t worry about it, because there aren’t any ways that I am aware of to just pause.


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