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Poor Shibe’s Guide to Mining Dogecoin (CPU)

Just a quick update.  CPU mining on a small scale isn’t really viable anymore, and I would not recommend it.  The rise of difficulty in getting coins is too high now.  But I will leave this guide for now.  If you have a good graphics card I would recommend my other guide for GPU.

This guide is for CPU mining, if you want to mine using your graphics card, check out this guide.  Regardless, you should still have a copy of the program even if you will be mining with the GPU, so this guide could be useful.  CPU Mining is usually for slower computers or computers that don’t have very good graphics.

Warning before you go forward, mining can be stressful to your CPU/GPU, as it makes it work at full speed in attempt to mine coins.  Be careful and make sure your computer has adaquate cooling.  It is possible to damage your computer doing this!

Setting up the Program

Getting started with mining or “digging” in Dogecoin with the CPU is pretty easy. You simply need to download the program supplied on the main website for Dogecoin, which is located here. Extract the zip file to a directory and you are ready to get started.

1.Once unzipped, open the folder and open the file titled “dogecoin-qt.exe”.

2. You should see something like this.

3. Head over to the tab titled “Dig” and you will see something like this:

So from here you can do 1 of 2 things.  Either “solo mine”, which means you will mine by yourself.  This is considered “Herd Dig” by the program. Or you can use a pool, which means you mine in coordination with other people.  The second choice is usually the best, and the benefits usually trump trying to mine dogecoin solo.  If you go by yourself, you will get a big payout if you discover a block, but the odds of finding one keep getting harder and harder.  With several people, the payout is split, but there are much better chances that you will find a block. Mining without a pool is kind of a waste of time, so you are much better off joining a pool.

Download CPUMiner

To mine through the client, you will also need to download a tool called CPU miner.  You can find it here.

Extract the files you download into the same folder as your wallet program.  It may ask you to overwrite some files, press no and restart the Dogecoin program.

Joining a Pool

The best pool I have found so far is http://doge.pool.webxass.de/.  But ideally not everyone should use the same pool.  I’ll be listing others shortly, so rich shibes, calm down.

Security tip for the shibes: I’d advise using passwords you never use for anything else for pools and for workers.  Don’t use the same password for a worker than you use for the pool login.

So go over to the pool website and make an account really quick.  Most all pool websites look the same. The next thing you will want to do on the site, would be to create your worker.

1. Go to Worker in the Sidebar of the Pool Website:

2. Put in a worker username and password, and add the worker.

3. Go to the “Getting Started” Page in the right sidebar of the pool.  You should see something like this.

Now to Start Mining

It looks like CPU mining in the client is bugged right now. I have crossed out part of the post until it is fixed.  I added a bug report here.  Looks like its fixed now, you can scroll down to try and mine through the client as well. But we can still mine outside of the client pretty easily.   Earlier you should have downloaded CPU miner and extracted it into your wallet directory.

1.  In Windows, go to Start and in search just type “cmd” to open a command window.

2. Type in cd YourDogecoinClientProgramLocation and press enter like below:


Now we will activate CPU miner by typing the following:

minerd --algo scrypt --scantime 99 --url stratum+tcp://www.suchcoins.com:3333 --userpass weblogin.workername:workerpassword --threads 99 --retries 1 -P

Notice that you are joining the url to the port with a : and the user to the password with a :

Filling in the parameters properly, you should start mining.  If you see any “failures” then you may have something typed in wrong, but otherwise it should be working.

I think this is fixed now:

4. Using this information, go back to your client, and fill it in like this.  The username consists of your login name for the pool, and the workername, added together with a period.  So if my user name for the website login is user and my worker name is worker, my username for the program is user.worker and the password is your WORKER password, not the website password.

After that, click “Start Dig” and you should be moving.  If you go to “Dashboard” on the pool website, you can see the speed at which you are submitting your attempts to discover the block.

Yours will not be nearly this fast, as this is mining with 3 graphics cards instead of the CPU which the dogecoin client uses.  But it will give you an idea on what speed you are submitting the attempts.

Now you will want to make sure you set up things so you can get paid!