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Dogecoin Client 1.5 Released

Hi all, a new version of the dogecoin client has been released, be sure to update.

Copied from the Reddit post:


  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Source on Github


  • Updated code base to Litecoin (inherits all Litecoin updates since 0.6.*). Highlights include:
    • New database engine for block storage resulting in faster index/sync times
    • Implements txindex, reindex and walletnotify
    • Coin control options for advanced users
    • Overall increased stability
    • A range of security fixes
  • Graphical tweaks, including splash screen
  • New official DNS seed added (seed.dogecoin.com) for improved sync times
  • Updated PROTOCOL_VERSION for better node detection
  • New alert keys to allow for network-wide alert notification in future

You can find the complete post and trouble shooting information here.