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Sort by kH/$ to get the best current cards for the price. Can also be used to search for cgminer config by typing in your card.

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A Few Notes

The most important stat is probably kHs/$, which means kH/s per dollar. Meaning you will get more coins for your money, not including electricity and the cost of other parts.

*Estimated, because I don’t have stats yet for the specific card with that part number. Its estimated based on the reported values for other cards of the same series (R9 270, for example). If the card is less or more Video Memory, Engine or Memory Clock, it is likely to be lower or higher than this.

Stats integrated from

Its not possible for me to test every single stat so I can’t verify, these are user reported values. But they should be good estimates. Its up to you to do additional research to validate its a good card before you buy!

Sometimes strange things might get pulled in, please let me know if you see anything!

Updated Automatically Every 5 Minutes

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