Dogecoin Mining Profitability Calculator

Some notes:
*Difficulty won’t stay the same, so break even time is not completely reliable. It could go up and down and doesn’t include reward changes.
*This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase hardware for mining if the profitability isn’t worth it. You can always switch coins for a while if it becomes too bad.

9 thoughts on “Dogecoin Mining Profitability Calculator

  1. Bryan

    Maybe I’m not getting it, but according to your calculator it’s not really possible to make the money you claim. At 1000kh/s it’s break even nowhere close to $15/day. Trying to understand, thx

    1. poor shibe Post author

      Yea things have changed since this was posted. The price of bitcoin fell quiet a bit and it unfortunately affects the price of dogecoins.

      1. NewShibe

        But if it asks for the BTC/USD exchange rate, shouldn’t it take that into account?

        Although I will admit this does seem to good to be true…

        Is the block reward wrong? It’s the only number I couldn’t find


  2. Shibe

    Check out this link for a list of energy rates throughout the country, hopefully you live in one with a low rate >.> :

  3. Nic

    How good is this now, my calculations look reasonable.!1350&authkey=!AAwph-oqjDrdHrw&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.png

  4. Ute

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  5. Kevin

    The current dogecoin block reward is 62500 instead of the 250000 which they put in. You usually lose money when mining dogecoin.

  6. Teena

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